Feeldom Tech Pouch in Dark Navy has a zip compartment on the front and double ring zipper opening to the main compartment. Black and white luminous Feeldom Logo on the front. Ring zippers are black plastic and metal.
Details of TECH pouch:  Ring zippers, Water Resistant ballistic nylon, High visibility labels. Image: a hand holding Tech pouch handle. Size is 12 by 8 by 3 inches.
Multiple back views of the tech pouch. Left: 2 vertical velcro straps are attached to the bottom of the pouch, top of the pouch, or in a custom placement. Multiple attachment points allows ease of use for travel, attaching to a backpack, or attaching to wheelchairs and walkers.
The Tech Pouch is open, revealing a lot of items stored inside the 5 inner compartments. Mesh zipper pocket holds a phone tripod and charger. Inner pocket holds sunglasses and a Portable hard drive. Smaller pockets hold chargers and pens. The small zip pocket holds a USB and a wallet.
Tech Pouch attached to the arm of a wheelchair. It is open, and there is a diary, sunglasses, pens and cellphone in the various pockets.
Front and back views of Tech Pouch attached to a wheelchair side arm. A hand is reaching into the pouch to get some keys. The velcro straps are looped around the arm rest and the side bar of the wheelchair.
Front view of Feeldom's Performance Block Large bag with Tech Pouch attached to the front of the bag. It attaches to the webbing and is stabilized by a velcro strip along the back.
Inside view of Tech Pouch. Empty, showing the various inner pockets. One mesh zipper pocket. one small zipper pocket and 2 small padded and expandable pockets. The main compartment is padded for protecting your items.
Tech pouch in charchoal gray, front view.

TEKNO Pouch Original

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Multi-function and Durable Pouch for Electronics and Accessories

Mobility Device Compatible

6 compartments perfect for phone, wallet, electronic tablets, books, travel items, medical aids, snacks.


 1. Attaches to PERFORMANCE BLOCK and CITY BLOCK with wide Velcro strip on back for quick on / off.  Compatible with MOLLE Webbing backpacks.

 2. Wheelchair /Scooter / Walker / Rollator storage pouch convenient use with 2 velcro straps on the back.

 3. Perfect for stand-alone travel kit with padded handle, lightweight and versatile.

Water-resistant ballistic nylon is hand-crafted with heavy-duty construction.

Multiple storage options: Large outer pocket and several pockets inside.

User-friendly Feeldom ring zippers for mobility-limited people to access easily.

Size:   12 in x 8 in x 3 in  with velcro straps. One long, wide velcro strip on the back.

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