An upright, box shaped backpack, dark navy with a bright orange lining. The box-style lid is zipped open and flipped up. The backpack has 2 outer zipper pockets on each side, and one big pocket inside the lid. Braille patch reads FEELDOM Made in Seoul.
A person wearing the medium sized box shaped backpack on their back. Attached under the back is a long cane pouch, horizontally. The person is taking out the white cane from the pouch with their left hand. The backpack is dark with brightly colored braille design patches on the various access points.
A person taking out the white cane from the cane pouch, which is vertically attached to the left side of the medium-sized backpack. The cane pouch has a zipper down the middle, and a white zipper ring attached to the top. It is attached with a carabiner on the top and a smaller hook at the bottom.
Inside view of the CITY BLOCK backpack, which is a box-shaped structure. The 11 inner pockets are arranged in  various sizes and locations on the top, left, right front and back of the inside of the backpack. They are mede in brignt orange nylon and black mesh, with each pocket having a reflective tab on the opening.
Inside view of the open CITY BLOCK backpack, completely stuffed with items in the top, sides, front and back of the bag, looking down into the bag. The lid pouch has personal hygiene items, the side pouch has cords and cables. the right side has sunglasses in one pouch and a wallet . There are laptop , diary, pens, bottle, snacks, etc.
Back view of the CITY BLOCK backpack, showing contoured padded back and straps, adjustable chest strap, air mesh padded waist strap which is removable by clips. There is refelective tape along the edge of the straps and belt. A glow in the dark braille keychain is attached to one of the D rings
CITY BLOCK by FEELDOM Performance Block
CITY BLOCK by FEELDOM Performance Block
CITY BLOCK by FEELDOM Performance Block
CITY BLOCK by FEELDOM Performance Block

CITY BLOCK by FEELDOM Performance Block

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The Essential Backpack for Blind and Low-Vision on the go.

The New CITY BLOCK features the very best in mobility.

1. Zippered and customizable Cane Pouch - Z, attachable on either side, straps or even underneath. Comes with Carabiner and snap closure. Fits smart canes and larger cane tips. Slim inner pocket for extra tips or batteries.

2. 16 multi-sized pockets:  5 outside, 11 inside, including space for 17-inch laptop.

3. High-Visibility:  Bright orange lining and white zipper rings for quick access and location.

4. Safety:  Reflective accents on the front, back and sides, with glow-in-the-dark lables.

5. Stability:  Stands sturdy and upright on 4 rubber feet, easy to load and unload.

6. Included waterproof Rain Cover and glow-in-the-dark P.Block Braille keychain.

7. Slim, angled design with a rigid structure and flip-top lid, covered with MOLLE webbing, velcro and 9 D-rings for unlimited customization and add-ons.

8. FEELDOM Performance Block signature Braille Design patch set to quickly identify the outer 4 pockets. Or switch out with your own patches!

9. Security:  All outer pockets are lockable with adjacent D-rings. Ring zippers are hidden from the front when zipped closed.

10. Fits perfectly. Padded back and shoulder straps are contoured to fit you, with a chest strap for added security while moving.  Low profile air-mesh adjustable waist belt is detachable for your optional use.

11. Compatible:  Fits with the TEKNO Pouch and QUIK-E Pouches, as well as any MOLLE Compatible accessory.