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People Sewing bags with Sewing machines. Text: Feeldom Team. We are a small group of people who are passionate about making meaningful change in the disability community. Our team of skilled craftspeople build each bag by hand. QUOTE: I was moved by the heartfelt consideration that went into construction.
2018. Olympic Games: Pyeongchang, South Korea. Clothing designer Julia Kim is hired by Ralph Lauren to make uniforms for the Paralympics athletes, a life-changing experience.  QUOTE:  I was saddened to learn of their hardships due to lack of equipment and clothes. (Julia Kim)
Before and after image of a man in a wheelchair with old bags hanging on it, and a new Feeldom wheelchair bag is clean and modern design.2019 - While teaching a sewing workshop for people with disabilities, Julia was compelled to make a high quality and functional wheelchair bag that offered safety, style and self confidence. QUOTE: Please make us a real wheelchair bag. We feel ashamed to go out like this.


2019  - Designer Julia Kim founds FEELDOM and creates the Classic Large wheelchair bag based on design ideas of her colleagues with quadriplegia. Image:  Julia Kim smiling with a man and a lady in power wheelchairs holding Feeldom wheelchair bags and smiling.QUOTE:  Clearly designed by people who know what it's like to be in a wheelchair. (Amazon reviewer)
2020 -- Image: The back side of a Star wheelchair bag showing 8 adjustable straps with buckles. Next to Award certificates. Text reads: Feeldom's wheelchair bag design wins the Seoul Award, and Julia Kim wins Korea's Woman inventor of the year, Gold and Silver medals for the adjustable strap system. Quote: I absolutely love this bag! It attaches to the back of the chair better than any other bag. Nancy, FEELDOM Customer


2021 - Feeldom launches 2 online shops, to make life easier for people with disabilities. Image: New Mobility Magazine article showing Julia Kim and two ladies with quadriplegia discussing the design of an aqua blue wheelchair bag. Quote:  "By far the highest quality bag I've ever seen. Well worth the price."  The Wheelchair Daddy Blogger, Glenn Moscoso
2022 - Encouraged to do more, Feeldom develops more adaptable styles for students, outdoor lovers, and people with visual impairments. For the future, "One Bag For All" will be Feeldom's guiding principle. Image of the Feeldom Backpack Logo and an electric wheelchair with a bright blue wheelchair bag on the back of it. Quote:  It works great, and I'm loving the color match with my wheelchair!"  Brittany, a young Feeldom Customer
FOR ALL -- Getting involved in our communities is one way Feeldom makes a difference. We love it when our gear empowers people to become more independent, but most of all, we love the smiles! Images:  2 young boys enjoying their new feeldom bags. One boy, Andre, won student of the year, and his prize was a Buddy Adaptable wheelchair bag. The other boy is giving a thumbs up next to his teacher.
MADE IN SEOUL - Feeldom is proud to be a Korean social enterprise company. That means our business is focused on the well-being of others. Your ideas and experiences are so important to us! That's how we make the high quality gear you need and love. 1. Listen  2. Create  3. Redesign  Quote:  "This bag has changed my life for the better!" Image: A dark navy blue wheelchair bag with a puppy patch on the front.
WE - Our innovations are the result of many people's ideas and input. Feeldom is proud to collaborate with blind athletes to design the Performance Block series of Low vision backpacks. Image: The Blind Life Channel's Sam Seavey a man wearing sunglasses, is holding his Performacnce Block backpack.  Quote: "I can, hands down, say that this is the best backpack that I have ever owned." Image:  Julia Kim and a female goal ball player discussing the braille patches on the side of the backpack.
Here, Goldie!  Meet Feeldom's cute little mascot, Goldie the service pup. She represents Feeldom's heart of service, and is always ready to lend a paw. Image: A little orange furry dog wearing a blue shirt standing next to a Feeldom TREK backpack. Quote:  How can we help you today? Feeldom logo with the puppy mascot