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Episode 2 - Awesome by Accident

Guest: Gene Rodgers

Air Date:  Est. February 20th, 2023

About our Guest: Gene is the author of his own exciting story, Awesome by Accident. As a teenager faced with a spinal cord injury, Gene overcame multiple challenges and pushed the limits of what he and his wheelchair could do. Also an assistive technology developer and disability advocate, discover the ways this extreme adventurer was willing to do whatever it took to live an awesome life and make the world a more accessible place in the process!

Must-see Video of Gene's Adventures (Youtube)

Gene's Book: Awesome by Accident

Gene's Website and Video Channel:  The Gene & Dave Show


Episode 1 - Equipping Kids with Skills to Succeed

Guest: Dominique Bernardo, CEO of Variety, the Children's Charity of the Delaware Valley (aka Variety Club) shares with us about Variety Works, programs that educate and empower kids with disabilities to grow up and enter the workforce leading independent lives and doing jobs they are passionate about.

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About our Guest:

Variety's Website:

Variety Works:

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Coming this March... Cerebral Palsy Awareness month:

EPISODE 3 - The Wheelchair Daddy

Guest:  Glenn Moscoso, aka. The Wheelchair Daddy. Glenn is a Cerebral Palsy blogger and dad of a 10-year-old son.  We're looking forward to hearing all about his insights and experiences, and learning more about his blog, the Wheelchair Daddy.  




  Pearl & Ink Motivational Advocacy

Former Miss Wheelchair Florida, Shannon LaRue works hard to “break the mold” of what society thinks a disabled person should look like and/or be intellectually comparable to.



  Master I.E.P. Coach 

"Fitting in Without Changing Who You Are" (Episode 148) with Catherine Whitcher - Featuring FEELDOM Mobility bags, the need for high-quality.


Don't Burn the Day (Excerpt)

Dont Burn the Day image of a steam train going over a bridge. two people's photos below in black and white.

Guest: Adrianne Mascho (Feeldom Assistant Designer)

Air Date:  12/15/2021

TOPIC: How Feeldom Started and Product Review

VIEW on YouTube:

About the Hosts: "Don't Burn the Day" is an inclusive podcast hosted by A.J. Martens and Shannon LaRue. Adrianne joins to introduce Feeldom and listen to Shannon's reaction as she reviews her new Star wheelchair backpack!

A.J. Martens is a professional photographer and author.                              A.J.'s Website:

Shannon Horne-LaRue, former Miss Wheelchair USA, is a mom and disability advocate.   Shannon's Website:

The full version (below) includes topics such as accessibility, Feeldom's design process and more!

Don't Burn the Day Website:

Podcast Info.:

Sponsor:  Feeldom -  Seoul, S. Korea

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2021 Gift Guide Show (Full Episode)