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Goal Reached!  Provide Team USA Members with 14 FEELDOM Performance Block - HD Series Large backpacks with the USA Team logo personalized with their name and number.


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Report will be available upon request September, 2023.
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We support community-based fundraising for people with unmet medical expenses and related costs due to cell and organ transplants or catastrophic injuries and illnesses.  (USA)

Learn more about how Help Hope Live can assist you in acquiring FEELDOM Adaptive Gear not covered by insurance.  www.helphopelive.org


SUMMER NEWS to Make you Feel Fine

Episode 4 - Authentic Representation

Jennifer Price is the founder and CEO of Disability Media Network. She is a special education and disability rights attorney. Prior to founding DiMe Network, Jennifer had over 10 years of experience advocating for victims’ rights as a prosecutor and the rights of people with disabilities. Jennifer is the author of the book, EmpowerEd: Using Real Case Examples to Look Deeper into IEP Management.

Disability Media Network is a streaming app that features news, entertainment, and lifestyle programming created by or including people with disabilities. We offer content featuring disabled actors, including movies by disabled filmmakers.

DiME Network:  https://www.dimenetworktv.com/

 Get Jennifer's Book "EmpowerED"


Episode 3 - Awesome by Accident

View Gene's Documentary:  "Dear Wheelchair Maker"

Read Gene's Book: Awesome by Accident  Available on Amazon

About our Guest: Gene Rodgers is the author of his own exciting story, Awesome by Accident. As a teenager faced with a spinal cord injury, Gene overcame multiple challenges and pushed the limits of what he and his wheelchair could do. Also an assistive technology developer and disability advocate, discover the ways this extreme adventurer was willing to do whatever it took to live an awesome life and make the world a more accessible place in the process!

Special Tribute: Gene Rodgers, Author and Disability Advocate (1955-2023)

We are honored to pay tribute to Gene Rodgers, our recent guest, who sadly passed away shortly after the episode was recorded. We are deeply appreciative of Gene's awesome life and touched by his adventurous spirit and dedication to improving the world for people with disabilities, one challenge at a time.  You will be surely missed, Gene, but your influence will live on in the countless lives you've inspired through your awesomeness. Thank you for sharing it all with us!

Gene's Website and Video Channel:  The Gene & Dave Show 

EPISODE 2 - The Wheelchair Daddy

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness month!

Glenn is a Cerebral Palsy blogger, advocate and dad of a 10-year-old son. 

    >> CLICK HERE for a transcript of Glenn's interview <<

  • How to raise a child as a "wheelchair dad"
  • More about the Wheelchair Daddy Blog
  • How to succeed in life while living with CP
  • Insights into family life and independent living
  • How support the cerebral palsy community.

The Wheelchair Daddy Official Blog   wheelchairdaddy.com

Also,  Please check out Glenn's Review of STAR wheelchair bags!


Episode 1 - Equipping Kids with Skills to Succeed

Guest: Dominique Bernardo, CEO of Variety, the Children's Charity of the Delaware Valley (aka Variety Club) shares with us about Variety Works, programs that educate and empower kids with disabilities to grow up and enter the workforce leading independent lives and doing jobs they are passionate about.

Variety's Website:  https://varietyphila.org

How toSupport Variety:

volunteer        donate





 Master I.E.P. Coach 

"Fitting in Without Changing Who You Are" (Episode 148) with Catherine Whitcher - Featuring FEELDOM Mobility bags, the need for high-quality.

Watch Podcast: 


Don't Burn the Day (Excerpt)

Dont Burn the Day image of a steam train going over a bridge. two people's photos below in black and white.

Guest: Adrianne Mascho (Feeldom Designer)

TOPIC: How Feeldom Started / Product Review

Watch on YouTube

About the Hosts: "Don't Burn the Day" is an inclusive podcast hosted by A.J. Martens and Shannon LaRue. Adrianne joins to introduce Feeldom and listen to Shannon's reaction as she reviews her new Star wheelchair backpack!

A.J. Martens is a professional photographer and author.  Website: http://martensarts.com/  

Shannon Horne-LaRue, Former Miss Wheelchair Florida, Shannon LaRue works hard to “break the mold” of what society thinks a disabled person should look like and/or be intellectually comparable to.   

Pearl & Ink Motivational Advocacy Website: https://www.pearlandinklife.com/