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Hi ~ Welcome to Feeldom.

We're here to make your life easier!

Led by founder and designer Mikyeong "Julia" Kim, our small team of 6 people are dedicated to improving the mobility and lifestyle of people with disabilities by creating excellent products using the best materials.

Because whether abled or disabled, everyone deserves high-quality fashion. Designed and hand-crafted with love in Seoul, South Korea, and now available world-wide.



Above Image Credit:  Jaleel King Photography

4 people of FEELDOM standing together with auqa blue shirts. We're at a disability athletic event in Kansas. Background reads K-Friends Adaptive Sports festival.

                              ~  New Products ~

Feeldom is proud to have officially launched the X Performance Block Korea Adaptive Sports Collaboration Project... a backpack system for visually impaired persons.

To celebrate, several athletes and professionals received their very own Performance Block Backpacks to show off proudly.


Han, Min Su,  Director of Korea's National Para Ice Hockey Team

Above Text: "People with disabilities, along with non-disabled people are for whom FEELDOM X Performance Block Collaboration Multi-Function Backpack has been made."

Recipient Group #5 of the Backpack:  Sohn, Won Jin, Korea Men's Goal Ball Team Captain / Athlete

Above Text: "People with disabilities, along with non-disabled people are for whom FEELDOM X Performance Block Collaboration Multi-Function Backpack has been made."

Recipient Group #3 of the Backpack:  Jeong, Jin Wan, President of the Korea Adaptive Sports Assoc./ Korean Spinal Assoc.

Abilities Expo NY Metro - April 29- May 1.

We had a tremendous response and tons of great feedback from so many wonderful people who visited the FEELDOM booth last month.  Thank you so much to all of our new friends and customers!




______Meet the FEELDOM Team____

        ~ Serving our Global Community ~

Congratulations to Andre from Florida, who is Feeldom's first recipient of the Student of the Year Award. Andre was Awarded with a Feeldom Buddy Adaptable Wheelchair tote bag. We are proud of you, and wish you the best!

(Do you know a deserving student? Submit a recommendation to us!)

Feeldom loves to support the Variety Club of Philadelphia by providing our best wheelchair bags free of charge to deserving children. Lookin' good, guys!



Honored to welcome marketing consultant Young-woong Kim (center) to the Feeldom team in December, 2021

 Annual Quadriplegic Mobility Device R & D Conference 2021 (Seoul)

Feeldom is a Social Enterprise Company, focused on improving the lives of people with disabilities and including all people.

Inspired by You

“South Korean designer Julia Kim was hired by Ralph Lauren to make uniforms for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics where she experienced firsthand how difficult it was for disabled athletes to find the right clothes to wear as well as their need for higher quality wheelchair bags.

While teaching a sewing workshop for people with disabilities, Julia was approached by many students and disabled colleagues who begged her to make them a real wheelchair bag, one that both looks good and is big enough to carry the equipment and supplies that they need (especially quadriplegics and caregivers, who must carry a ton of stuff).

Just hanging shopping bags and backpacks on their chairs, they told her, made them both look like and feel as if they were homeless. They felt undignified and uncomfortable simply going out in public.  After months of meetings and discussions concerning which features were missing from existing products and what needs were not being met by other bags, Julia compiled a list of design features, such as the 8-way adjustable strap system and ring zippers, which had not been implemented until Feeldom made its first Classic Large Bag in early 2020.

Since then, Julia has won multiple design awards in Seoul, and Feeldom has participated in countless outreach and charity programs through the Seoul city government, providing free or reduced cost bags to underprivileged communities."

Listening to Your Voices

Feeldom is constantly innovating and upgrading our products based directly on your feedback, needs and design suggestions. We welcome any and all ideas, and appreciate all kinds of feedback to improve our service to you.

Contact us:   ifeeldom@feeldomlife.com

In the News

Feeldom has recently launched online stores in the USA. We sincerely appreciate all of the support and sales we have received, and we hope to continue to serve you more in 2022. Read more about Feeldom's impact in the community in New Mobility online:

Read Our Story here:  https://newmobility.com/one-bag-for-all/

Reaching Out

Variety Club of Philadelphia holds a special place in our hearts. We were honored to support this wonderful organization. 

Every little bit helps!  Feel free to leave a small tip at the checkout, to help support our community service and donation / shipping fees. Already your purchase proceeds go to benefit the disabled community and help us make new designs, and we appreciate you very much.

Quality meets Design

  • GOLD PRIZE - Korea International Women's Invention Expo (2020)
  • SILVER PRIZE - Korea International Women's Invention Expo (2020)
  • SEOUL AWARD - Certificate of Design (2020)

 Feeldom's designs come from real wheelchair users and people with disabilities who wish to see their lifestyle and needs represented in high-end, quality gear. Feeldom is inspired to create mobility solutions that are user-friendly, luxurious and life-improving. 


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We welcome your design ideas at  ifeeldom@feeldomlife.com. 

Thank you!