Performance Block / S- Series LARGE
Performance Block / S- Series LARGE
A large dark Navy blue backpack with two levels and side access doors on each level. Each door has a double white ring zipper and a bright colored braille design tactical patch with a number. The bottom door is open showing white tennis shoes insideThere is a navy blue cane pouch attached to the strap.
Side view of Large White Backpack with the bottom compartment open showing an ivory lining. Removable base panel detail, reflective removable belt and white Zippered Cane pouch.
Performance Block / S- Series LARGE
Performance Block / S- Series LARGE
Back view of a large backpack, Dark Forest Green with black air mesh backing, a reflective waist belt and padded straps with 3 D rings on each strap. The Braille design keyfob is attached to the strap.
Back view of the Arctic White Large Backpack with black trim and black back cushion. Removable belt is black and white with reflective strips. There is a glow in the dark Braille design keychain attached to one of the 6 D rings.
A Dark Green Cane pouch with a white zipper ring and orange lining. It has a metal carabiner attached to the top and a reflective accent on the bottom.
Cane pouch reverse detail showing the components:  Metal S-shaped carabiner, Black removable strap with several snaps on it , belt loops and MOLLE webbing on the back, and a plastic swivel clip on the bottom to stabilize the cane pouch on the backpack.
Close up detail of the braille design patch showing a Blue moon on a black background with the number 1 and its braille above. Patch is rectanglular and 3-D, removable by velcro. The access door has a double white ring zipper.
Performance Block / S- Series LARGE
The bright yellow rain cover is stretched over the backpack. It shows rain drops are beading up on the water proof fabric. There is a glow in the dark design on the front, which is a lineup of 5 cartoon doggie characters, each using a different mobility device. They look badass, don't worry. Below them is a large white triangle with the FEELDOM logo inside.
A dark shot of the Performance Block Large backpack showing the Glow in the dark Lables  and high visibility elements making it safer to travel at night.
Close up detail of the front of the Performance Block backpacks showing there is tactical strap network, aslo known as MOLLE, making it easy to attach accessories, pouches and safety equipment.  There are  4 rows of black webbing on the lower side, and two large velcro strips on the upper side.
Detail view of the bottom of the backpack showing a reinforced base with heavy duty rubber feet that are ridged to prevent slipping and help the bag stay upright when it is set down.
A close up detail of all 4 rubber tactical patches:  Black rectangles with 5 colors of designs on each, numbered 1 through 4 and including braille numbers. The center patch has the FEELDOM Performance Block logo patch which is glow in the dark.  The other patches have a Moon, Birds, Nautulus and Cube design
The P-Block character keyfob is a black oval with a glow in the dark design. P-Block is a bind dog with a white cane and sunglasses who looks super cool and confident. Design says FEELDOM Made in Seoul and "Feeldom Seoul" in Braille
A silver metal S-shaped carabiner with double ended openings. There is a FEEDLOM logo laser engraved on the middle part of the carabiner. It is 2.5 inches by 1 inch.
Performance Block / S- Series LARGE
Performance Block / S- Series LARGE
Performance Block / S- Series LARGE

Performance Block / S- Series LARGE

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The Biggest and Baddest (and Newest) of our Low-Vision Modular Backpacks, now with some sweet new upgrade details.

What's New?

  • New Zippered Cane Pouch with carabiner included.
  • New Glow-in-the-Dark Rain Cover included. High visibility Yellow with design.
  • Removable Belt:  Air-mesh-padded, low profile, contoured with reflector detail.
  • Removable inner base panel for easier cleaning.
  • Compatible with:

    TEKNO Pouch, QUIK-E Pouch, and MOOL Bottle Holster(Sold separately)

LARGE:  features built-in top deck for 13-in. Laptop, Braille Reader or Tablet.

MAIN COMPARTMENT with removable divider creating an upper and lower chamber. 

BOTH UPPER and LOWER chambers have Left / Right side access by way of large zippered doorways.  Double zipper rings are lockable on all access points. (Lock not included.)

Size:  H 19" x W 14" x D 9" / Weight: 4.4 lb / Capacity: 50 Liters

Includes Cane Pouch (also good for umbrellas!), Metal Carabiner, a Waterproof Rain Cover and Braille P-Block Character Keyfob that both glow in the dark. The Keyfob is writable on the back.

Two levels of both-side-accessible compartments allow easy-access while wearing.  Inner rigid compartment divider is removable if you prefer one large inner space.

Unique Design - Color-number-coded 5 tactile Braille design patches which can be placed anywhere on the bag to identify storage compartments. Our design concept was created to allow people with visual impairment to "feel" these wonderous images inspired by nature.

1. The Full MOON

2. BIRDS by M.C. Escher

3. The NAUTILUS revealing the Fibonacci Sequence

4. 3-D CUBE which is also an optical illusion

5. The Feeldom x Performance Block patch is white / glow-in-the dark.

Ultra Heavy-Duty specialty deluxe tactical backpack. Reinforced back, dual-levels, enourmous storage spaces. Accessible to visually impaired people because of the bright high-contrast linings and stable body construction.

Adjustable waist and chest straps for easy carry. Rigid and breathable back-cushion, padded straps allow for stable and comfortable carry in any situation. Premium High-visibility ring-zippers are easy to locate and use for mobility-limited individuals.

Perfect for athletic gear and daily necessities as well as travel, school or hiking. A great bag for visually-impaired persons, sighted persons and anyone in general who appreciates amazing quality and innovative design.

 Medium S-Series coming soon!

FEELDOM products are hand-crafted from premium materials only, with absolutely no corners cut on quality. We offer free shipping and returns as well as a 5-year Manufacturer's Warranty on all bags. Guaranteed to meet your standards of adventure, quality and stand up to heavy use over the years!