A large backpack with side openings. Gray ballistic nylon with white zipper rings and bright braille patches on the side. There is a zipper on the top with a rain cover. There is an additional pouch attached to the front. Glow in the dark labels read FEELDOM.
Inside view of a Large backpack with bright orange lining and a divider for the upper and lower compartments. Side openings are on the right and left.  The top lid opens for a 13 inch Laptop computer and under the lid is a mesh zipper pocket.
Top view of a large gray backpack with white zipper rings. The top has an outer pocket with a gray raincover inside
Back view of a gray backpack and black air mesh back padding. The padded straps have 3 D rings on each one. Attached to the D rings are a gray cane pouch, a small phone case pouch, and a braille keychain with a dog character on it.
A close up of the side of the large gray backpack.  There is a rectangle rubber patch with the design of the moon and braille number one. It is blue on a black background.
Showing a backpack with a large gray raincover on it. There is a reflective FEELDOM logo on the front of the rain cover.
A person carrying the Performance Block Large backpack, navy blue, on their back. The side shows the white zipper rings, side openings and doggie character tag.
A keychain made from black rubber. The glow-in-the-dark braille design reads FEELDOM Seoul, Made in Seoul, and there is a dog character with sunglasses and a cane.

Performance Block HD 23+ Version - LARGE

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The High-Contrast and upgraded version of our classic Performance Block.

NEW Features:

  • Bright orange lining and white zipper rings.
  • Improved back padding and handle for an even more comfortable carry experience.
  • New 2023 version Braille Keychain included.
  • Waterproof Rain Cover included.
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping and maintain stability upright.
  • Mesh zipper pouch inside the lid.
  • Cane Pouch included

TEKNO Pouch, QUIK-E Pouch sold separately.