Performance Block HD-23  MEDIUM
Performance Block HD-23  MEDIUM
Side view of Performance Block Medium Backpack with white zipper rings on both side pocket and lower side access door. Two tactile braille patches in yellow and orange indicating the numbers 1 and 2 with a design.
Side view looking in from the top of the Performance Block Medium HD-23 backpack. There is a bright orange lining on all the inside parts, and the bottom side access door is flipped open like a draw bridge. The zipper rings are white and there is a blue braille design patch on the side pocket indicating the number 3 with a design
HD-23 Upgrade Points: High Def Orange Lining, High Def white zipper rings, 3-D Contoured air mesh back, contoured nylon handle.
Side view of performance block dark navy medium backpack with an open side pocket showing an orange lining. Inside is a cellphone, a pad of paper and a pen. The rectangle pocket is 5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches tall.
Front view of open top, looking into the Performance Block medium backpack. It is dark navy with a bright orange lining.  The horizontal divider is removed and set in front of the backpack.  It is a rectangle with velcro along all four edges.  Inside the bag there is a velcro strip that goes all the way around the center of the bag.  There is a small zip pocket on the upper inside back wall.
A person is wearning a backpack, front view, showing the attached waist belt and chest straps. They are taking out the white cane from the cane pouch which is attached to the D ring on the right backpack strap.
The lower side access point of the backpack is open, showing there is a toiletries case, a thermos and a granola bar stored in there.
A person is wearing the backpack, and reaching behind to access the lower compartment which is open. They are taking out a thermos which is stored horizontally in the lower compartment.
A slim cane pouch with a white cane inside. There is a velcro strap for the top closure. It is made of navy blue ballistic nylon and has a metal clip on the top.
Performance Block HD-23  MEDIUM
5 Black rubber rectangle patches with velcro on the back. They are tactical with a Braille design and digital numeral on them, numbered 1 through 4. The designs are in white, blue, yellow, orange, and glow in the dark. The center patch is the FEELDOM logo with Performance Block in braille.
Dark blackout image of the performance Block backpack, showing the FEELDOM logo patch is glowing in the dark. The keychain is white and black and visible in low light.
The front of the backpack has 4 strips of horizontal Molle webbing, black, which has 2 inch wide spaces to attach accessories to.
Performance Block HD-23  MEDIUM

Performance Block HD-23 MEDIUM

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The High-Contrast Upgrade of the Original Performance Block Medium*

NEW Features:

  • High Contrast Colors:  bright orange lining and white zipper rings.
  • Improved back padding and smoother handle for an even more comfortable carry experience.
  • New 2023 version Braille Keychain included.
  • New Cane Pouch - Attaches with hooks instead of Velcro.

Size: H 17" x W 17" x D 8" / Weight: 3.4 lb / Capacity:  40 Liters

Includes Cane Pouch Braille Goldie Keyfob.  

Unique Design - Color-number-coded 5 tactile Braille design patches which can be placed anywhere on the bag to identify storage compartments. Our design concept was created to allow people with visual impairment to "feel" these wonderous images inspired by nature.

1. The Full MOON

2. BIRDS by M.C. Escher

3. The NAUTILUS revealing the Fibonacci Sequence

4. 3-D CUBE which is also an optical illusion

5. The Feeldom x Performance Block patch is white / glow-in-the dark.

Ultra Heavy-Duty specialty deluxe tactical backpack. Reinforced back, dual-levels, enourmous storage spaces. Accessible to visually impaired people.

2 Side-pockets for phone, snacks and supplies.

Adjustable waist and chest straps for easy carry. Rigid and breathable back-cushion, padded straps allow for stable and comfortable carry in any situation. Premium custom ring-zippers are easy to locate and use for mobility-limited individuals.

Perfect for athletic gear and daily necessities as well as travel, school or hiking. A great bag for visually-impaired persons, sighted persons and anyone in general who appreciates amazing quality and innovative design.

Two levels of compartments with inner rigid compartment divider (removable):

          1. Top Compartment:  Opens from top      

          2. Bottom Compartment: Access from left and right sides

OPTIONAL Accessories:  TEKNO and QUIK-E Pouches (Sold separately) attach to the MOLLE webbing and/or velcro, D-rings, etc. for additional storage space and quick access to smaller items.

            Performance Block is also available in LARGE HD-23

*Medium does not have a laptop deck like the LARGE does.