A Rose Pink cane pouch with a black zipper ring and black trim
A bright yellowish green cane pouch with a black zipper down the middle, a black zipper ring and a metal carabiner attached to the top.
5 colored can pouches: Charcoal gray, Space Black , Rose Pink, Dark Purple, Aqua Blue
A collection of 4 differently colored cane pouches with ring zippers and a black zipper, trim and handle. There are silver metal s-shaped carabiners attached to each of the pouches at the top.
An unzipped cane pouch and a folded up cane inside. A hand is reaching in. The adjustable strap is unsnapped.
A bright yellowish green (called electric kiwi) cane pouch with black trim. It's zipped open to show a slim inner mesh pouch with 2 AA batteries being taken out. There is a metal S-shaped carabiner at the top, and the black snap strap is moved from the top of the pouch to the middle of the pouch, where it can be used to secure shorter canes or keep the zipper from going down all the way.
A white cane pouch with black trim and a black zipper.
A dark green cane pouch with an orange lining and a white zipper ring
An aqua blue cane pouch with black trim and a black zipper ring
A dark purple cane pouch with a yellow lining and white zipper ring.
A dark gray cane pouch with an orange lining and white zipper ring
A black cane pouch with an orange lining and white zipper ring
The back view of a cane pouch, showing a plastic clip, black molle webbing straps, a D-ring where the carabiner attaches. Carabiner not shown, but it is included with purchase.
A City Block backpack showing the cane pouch attached to the side of the bag vertically.
Details of the Cane Pouch:  Belt loops on the back, Stabilizer clip along the bottom edge, an adjustable strap that is removable with snaps, and a metal S-shaped carabiner
Close up of the cane pouch attached to the side of the FEELDOM City Block backpack, vertically. It's attached by carabiner and D-rings on either the left or right sides of the bag.
A metal s-shaped carabiner with clips on both ends
Close up detail of the back of a white cane pouch with black trim. The silver metal s-shaped carabiner has an engraved FEELDOM logo in the middle. The back strap is about 1 inch wide and runs from the top to the bottom of the pouch. There is a D ring near the top.
A cane pouch attached to the front of a FEELDOM backpack. The carabiner is attached to the upper webbing strap and the lower clip is attached to the lower strap. The cane pouch is stored diagonally to allow easy access without the can sliding out of the pouch.
Close up detail of the cane pouch attached to the front of the backpack with 2 clips on the horizontal webbing straps.
Close up detail of the cane pouch attached to the underside of the City Block backpack via clips on either end of the pouch and D rings located on the bottom end of both the left and right sides of the bag, with horizonal orientation. This makes the cane pouch easily accessible while wearing the backpack, but user should be cautious to tighten the strap closure to prevent the cane from sliding out accidentally.
A person wearing the CITY BLOCK backpack with the cane pouch attached horizontally underneath the backpack, via carabiner and clip. The person is reaching behind to easily remove the cane from the pouch.
A cane pouch attached to the backpack straps of FEELDOM low-vision series backpack. Its carabiner attaches to the D ring of the pack, and the small clip at the bottom of the pouch attaches to one of the lower straps for stabilization.
A person wearing across their front, the JAYU black adaptive crossbody bag low-vision edition. The cane pouch is attached to the shoulder strap and also clipped to the bottom side of the bag so that it remains stable. The person is taking the cane out of the cane pouch.
A navy blue cane pouch with an umbrella inside zipped up. The zipper opens down the middle with a white zipper ring. The handle of the umbrella sticks out the top of the pouch.
A navy blue cane pouch with an orange lining and white zipper ring


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The New CANE POUCH - Z is customizable, attaches to any bag, belt, or strap for a sleek and cool way to keep your cane safe and clean anywhere you go. 

Attaches to any Molle, D-ring, Belt, Backpack, and the Feeldom JAYU Crossbody, CHIC LT-24 Medium and Small bags.

Add GRIP STRAPS to attach to the frame of a wheelchair / walker.

This ZIPPERED CANE POUCH IS INCLUDED WITH THE CITY BLOCK and Performance Block S-Series Backpacks. A standard unzippered cane pouch is included with the Performance Block Original & HD-23 series backpacks.


1. Water-resistant, Dirt-resistant, Heavy-duty Ballistic Nylon.

2. High-Contrast Color Options and Premium Zipper Ring.

3. Reflective Tabs and Labels for Safety

4. Attachment options Includes Carabiner, attach to MOLLE webbing, D-rings, Clip, Belt Loops, Backpack straps.

5. Slim, inner mesh pocket for storing batteries or extra cane tips.

6. Customizable Snap Strap to create the perfect fit for any-sized foldable cane large ball or roller tip, or even a smart cane. Zipper can be opened partially to allow for a large cane component, such as ball tip, roller tip and Smart Cane.

The strap can be used for a top closure, a handle, or to wrap around the pouch at the top or middle to prevent the zipper from coming open accidentally.

7. Versatile:  Holds umbrellas, tripods, stands, drumsticks, too!

Cane Pouch is 13" high with a zipper down the middle. It has a 2.25" square base and a slim mesh pocket inside measuring 8" high, 2" wide. Includes carabiner