A navy blue cane pouch with a zipper that goes down the middle, unzipped. The zipper ring is white, and there is an orange pocket inside and a white cane folded inside the pouch
A person wearing the CITY BLOCK backpack with the cane pouch attached underneath the backpack, via carabiner and clip. The person is reaching behind to easily remove the cane from the pouch.
A person wearing across their front, the JAYU black adaptive crossbody bag low-vision edition. The cane pouch is attached to the shoulder strap and also clipped to the bottom side of the bag so that it remains stable. The person is taking the cane out of the cane pouch.
A dark forest green cane pouch with a white zipper ring and reflector tab.
A dark navy cane pouch with a white zipper ring and reflector tab.
An ivory white cane pouch with a black zipper ring and reflector tab.
A Cane pouch unzipped to show the cane folded inside. the Snap strap is closed around the top.
The back view of a cane pouch, showing a plastic clip, black molle webbing straps, a D-ring where the carabiner attaches. Carabiner not shown, but it is included with purchase.
Three white, green, navy blue cane pouches lined up on a white background


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The New CANE POUCH - Z is customizable, attaches to any bag, belt, or strap for a safe and cool way to keep your cane safe and clean anywhere you go. 


1. Water-resistant, Dirt-resistant, Heavy-duty materials.

2. High-Contrast Color Options and Premium Zipper Rings

3. Reflective Tabs and Labels for Safety

4. Attachment options:  MOLLE webbing, Clip, Carabiner (included), Belt Loops.

5. Slim, inner pocket for storing batteries or extra cane tips.

6. Customizable Snap Strap to create the perfect fit for any-sized foldable cane or tip.