Dark Navy Blue ballistic nylon backpack which is box-shaped and large, with 4 pockets on the front and 2 pockets on the side it is rigid and stands upright with a rectangular flip-top lid. Rectangle black rubber Feeldom zippers and glow in the dark Feeldom labels.
Trek Dark Navy backpack comes with a navy blue waterproof raincover with reflective Feeldom Logo. Heavy duty backpack includes a black rubber Braille Keyfob with a white dog mascot and "feeldom seoul" in Braille lettering (white).
Back view of Feeldom Trek backpack. Thick padded straps have 2 D-rings each. Adjustable black chest strap and removable padded waist straps. There is a 5-inch handle at the top for hanging or quick carry. Back panel is padded and breathable fabric, nylon mesh.
Side view of Feeldom Trek. Large vertical side pockets hold a tumbler or water bottle easily. Bag is  about 7 inches in thickness and lays close to the back profile. Rigid padded structure becuase of Tylon inner padding. It is lightweight, but very sturdy and durable, like lightweight luggage.
Trek holds a coffee tumbler in the 10-inch-high side pocket, which zips open.
Waterproof raincover included. stretches over the front, top and sides of bag using heavy duty elastic band. FEELDOM logo is written in 1-inch lettering, highly reflective paint. Shiny Dark navy or charcoal gray
Close up of charcoal gray FEELDOM raincover. Water beads off the surface. FEELDOM logo is reflective. Weatherproof.
Feeldom TREK charcoal gray ballistic nylon premium backpack with black rubber zipper pulls. The boxy shape holds 40 liters and there are zip pockets on the top, front and sides.
Charcoal Gray raincover is stretched over the TREK backpack ready for a waterproof  adventure. FEELDOM logo is reflective
Feeldom TREK backpack is opened on the top, front and side access panels. There is a ton of stuff inside, such as a sleeping mat, ipad, thermos, folding camping chair, passport and picnic blanket
close up details of the TREK backpack. Left: front pocket is zipped open showing the high-quality thickly padded ballistic nylon and the quality of the zippers. Right: an inner pocket is water-resistant nylon with an elastic band to hold containers or tall items safely inside on the right side.
Multiple views of the TREK premium backpack: Front view, charcoal gray. Goldie black and white braille keychain, side view, raincover view, back view of the straps.
Close up of the Goldie black and white Braille keychain. The attachment clip is high-qualiy nickel with 3 small rings to form a chain. The keychain is black rubber in a 3.3 inch tall vertical oval with a white dog mascot character. FEELDOM made in  Seoul
Multiple views of people wearing the TREK backpack. Top reads: versatile. Trek is in the open field. A guy is carrying trek on the college campus. Carrying Trek in the mountains. A lady is wearing trek while strolling around London.
Measurements of TREK: 18 inches high and wide, 9 inches deep. side pockets are 11 inches tall. Capacity is 40 liters. Weighs 3.5 pounds. Reads: Feeldom Trek Large. Included Rain Cover, Braille Keyfob
Close up of FEELDOM glow-in-the-dark Logo and tags. Highly visible and reflective for safety in the dark and emergency situations.

Feeldom TREK - Large Multi-function Backpack

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TREK* - Our Modern Unisex Design is an ultra-heavy-duty innovative backpack perfect for travel, hiking, campus life, vacations and spontaneous shindigs.

FEATURED ITEM for FEELDOM's 1+ 1 Pledge campaign.

For every TREK purchase, Feeldom will donate +1 TREK backpack to Ukraine refugees.

Feeldom's TREK is a way for the abled community to help others ~ an investment in people we care about ~ and getting a superior quality backpack to use for years to come!  "That's One Bag for All."


Super Sleek and Water-resitant, Heavy-duty Ballistic Nylon shell with 10 robust padded and lined compartments store all of your gear safely and securely.  Padded inner compartment for your laptop. Simple and efficient design allows you to use TREK as you like, so it is unbelievably versatile, without being complicated. We call it Maximalism.

Included: Waterproof / reflective heavy-duty raincover, made just for TREK, and a premium rubber Goldie mascot Braille keyfob / Nametag to proudly display on your awesome backpack. 

Huge storage capacity will always be enough for wherever your journey takes you. 40+ liters for the main compartment, and plenty of outer pockets for smaller items you need to grab right away. Dimensions:  18 x 18 x 9 Total size

Capacity:  48 liters / Weight:  3.5 lb

Opening top lid and zip-open front panel let you easily access your gear from the bottom or top without having to dig around or remove items. It is so sturdy that it stands rigid even when empty, yet weighs a mere 3.5 lbs. Perfect for easy loading.

Rigid Backing with breathable back cushion is comfortable for heavy loads and warm temperatures. Thickly padded straps have D-rings for your attachable gear.

Highest quality components such as sturdy Tylon padding, premium zippers and detachable/ adjustable waist strap* ensure your comfort and ease of use. Reinforced seams and linings let you use and enjoy TREK for any adventure life has in store, and will stay with you for many years to come.

NOTE:  Customizable waist strap measures 22-30 in., or up to 45 in. total waist circumference. But don't sweat it! Just contact us if you need a longer waist strap, and we will custom make one for your size :)

Dimensions:  18 x 18 x 9 Total size

Capacity:  48 liters

Weight:  3.5 lb

FEELDOM products are hand-crafted from premium materials only, with absolutely no corners cut on quality. We offer free shipping and returns as well as a 5-year Manufacturer's Warranty on all bags. Guaranteed to meet your standards of adventure, quality and stand up to heavy use over the years!