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Care Instructions and Warning (ENGLISH)


         NO DRYER  /  NO IRON  /  NO DRY CLEAN  /   NO BLEACH.

  1. Spot wash gently by hand with water, or with a mild soap.
  2. Air dry thoroughly to prevent rust on metal components.
  3. Keep out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods to prevent fading.
  4. Avoid direct contact with oils, which can stain nylon.
  5. Do not crease. Fabric can become weakened along the crease lines.
  6. Ring zippers are not meant to be used for lifting or hanging the bag. Using the zippers with extreme force may cause weakening.
  7. Fabric is water-resistant, but zippers may leak water in heavy rain. Please use caution. FEELDOM waterproof rain-cover is recommended.


FEELDOM Customer Care:    ifeeldom@feeldomlife.com

취급상 주의사항  (Korean)

1. 오염시 세탁을 금하여 주시고 물걸레 로 닦아주세요 

2. 직사광선 에 장시간 노출시  변색 될수있으니 외출시 주의하여 주세요 

3.나일론 소재는 지용성 유지류의 오염으로 얼룩이 생길수 있으며  

  기름 성분을 포함하는 제품들과 직접 닿지 않게 주의하세요 

4.고온 또는 화기에 가까이 접촉시 원단에 변형이 생길수 있습니다 

5.금속 장식은 녹이 발생할수 있습니다. 

6.심한 구김은 제품의 형태와 원단의 내구성을 훼손 할수 있습니다  

7.지퍼가 망가지는 원인은 제품 사용시 링고리 부분을  무리하게     잡아 당겨서 발생합니다 꼭 주의해주세요!! 

8.제품 원단은 물접촉시 흘러 내리는 생활 방수기능입니다  

  방수는 불가하며 특히 봉제 부분에서 물이스며 들수 있으니 방수    를 위해서는 방수 레인 커버를 권장합니다

손 세탁    / x   드라이   x   /   x  염소 산소 표백  x

고객 문의:  ifeeldom@naver.com  |   02-432-9633

() 필덤 서울 중랑구 동일로 10917 (B1) 02129


2-Year Global Warranty  /  5- year Warranty (USA)

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Q. Who is Feeldom?

A. We are a team designers who want to make your life easier by creating premium products engineered specifically for people with disabilities, people who use mobility devices and people with low vision. Feeldom, Co., Ltd. is a small, woman-owned business (social enterprise company) located in Seoul, S. Korea. We started in 2019* in response to people in the disability community who desired to see their lifestyles represented in high-quality, attractive and functional gear that is stylish and modern. We believe everyone deserves to look good and feel good, too! We base our inventions and designs on our customers' needs and desires through direct communication and involvement in various disability organizations.

*Learn more by visiting the "OUR STORY" page.

Q. Why are Feeldom bags so expensive?

A. Feeldom bags and are hand-crafted from premium materials, and are carfully assembled by our team of local skilled craftspeople here in Seoul, Korea, who have over 30 years experience. All of our fabrics and components are manufactured in Korea, which means we don't outsource our materials or labor from other countries*. Feeldom's bags are designed by our team in partnership with people with disabilities, and are officially registered. Guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards, every Feeldom bag comes with a 5-year warranty.

Click to view Feeldom's Warranty and Return Policy

*Please scroll down to the bottom for more information.

Q. Why are your bags often "sold out"?

A. That just means more are on the way... Feeldom bags are hand-made in small batches, because we are constantly upgrading our products based on user feedback. That way, we can always improve our designs each time we make more. It takes 2 to 3 months to make and transport products from our workshop in Seoul to the USA by ship. We prefer to save costs and the environment by using air-freight as little as possible. We always take reservations for sold-out products (contact ifeeldom@feeldomlife.com), and we keep some items in stock our Amazon shop as a backup. (www.amazon.com/feeldom) ...but we can definitely say they're worth the wait :)

Q. Who are Feeldom's bags made for?

A. We are proud to say, "Everyone!" That's because while many of our bags are made for people who use wheelchairs and walkers

#wheelchairfit (Max, Star, Chic, Jayu, Buddy), and people with low vision #lowvisionfit (Performance Block series, Jayu),  we also carry hand-crafted premium backpacks which are user-friendly, multifunctional and stylish #backpackfit (Trek, Star Backpack, Jayu, Viva).  Did you know that bags in our #flexiblefit line are adaptable to mobility devices as well as shoulder carry? (Chic, Buddy, Jayu).  As you can see, there is a lot of crossover going on, which comes from our obsession with over-engineering.  One Bag for All!

Q. Where does FEELDOM's name come from?

A. FEEL + freeDOM = FEELDOM*.  

Living with a disability brings many challenges and discomforts. We at Feeldom know how important it is to have FREEDOM to move around and be independent. Our aim is to find solutions to mobility challenges people with disabilities and caregiveres face on a daily basis, and create a meaningful product that improves people's lives on many levels. We also want you to FEEL good and look good, so all of our products aim to be stylish as well as ultra-functional. 

*Scroll down to learn more about our Logo!

Q. Who is the little doggie character?

A.  Introducing "Goldie," Feeldom's little service pup. Goldie represents our spirit of service to the disability community. You can find Goldie and her friends on our tags, keychains and other products. Goldie's positive attitude and energy are reflected in every bag we make, reminding us to use our talents to serve others. Now that's a good doggie!  

~ Meet the whole Goldie Gang ~ New in 2023!

6 color blocks each with a version of a black and white dog character using a mobility device, wheelchair or white cane. Stickers read "FEEL the FREDOM".

Q. What goes into making a FEELDOM Premium bag?

A. Most of Feeldom's costs are associated with sourcing local skilled labor (25%), premium domestic fabrics and custom made components. Shipping, handling and storage fees from international sales average 30%.  Donations* based on sales revenue reflect 10-15%, which is the major way Feeldom actively supports the disability community. Our focused advertising and minimal packaging account for just 15-20%.  Research and development is done in-house by us, minimizing costs to about 5%. The remaining <10% reflects our modest profit margin by which we can sustain overhead costs and re-invest into developing new products that improve people's lives.

*For more information, please visit our COMMUNITY page.

~ FEELDOM's Logos and what they mean:  ~

At first glance, a simple circle seems to represent the wheel of a wheelchair, the quintessential invention that brings mobility to people with disabilities. However, our logo goes deeper than that.  The line of the circle represents the right path.  Feeldom has a philosophy that our methods must reflect integrity, honesty and compassion for the people we serve. The dot represents the person for whom each product is designed. When we keep the person in the center of the path, and aim to keep true and fair business practices, we can stay true to Feeldom's mission to create amazing products using the best materials to improve people's lives.

Our sub-logo and motto, found on our packaging and some advertising, lets people know that we are a company focused on making premium bags and backpacks. Our social mission and vision are summed up in the phrase, "One Bag for All." 

First, we believe that Feeldom bags can serve every kind of person in the world, whether disabled or non-disabled. Each bag we make is multi-functional and adaptive in its unique way. We are striving daily to improve our product lines to meet many various needs so that people can have "One Bag" that serves multiple purposes, rather than carrying multiple bags that may not meet their specific needs.

Second, Feeldom's social mission is to provide our bags and backpacks to charities, organizations and individuals who may not be able to purchase them for themselves. Even though we are a small company, and our product donations reflect just under 15% of our total  production, we are making a difference "One Bag" at a time.  With your purchase of Feeldom products from this website, as well as a tiny donation at checkout, we are able to sustainably keep our social mission going.  This is truly a group effort, and we are grateful for all the support we continue to receive from our wonderful customers.  Thank you for choosing Feeldom!