Front angled view of the CHIC LT24 Small adaptable tote bag. It is a rectangular box shaped zipper bag with a large slim front pocket and two square flip up pockets on the very front, which have D rings attached for easy access. The bag is navy blue diagonal twill weave nylon and black trim and ring zippers. There is a small FEELDOM logo label in the lower corner. The side buckles are round push-button release.
A rectangular wheelchair bag with two front pockets is attached to the back of a manual wheelchair
A person wearing a rectangular bag with front pockets over their shoulder like a crossbody. The bag is the size of a large purse.
CHIC  LT -24  SMALL Adaptable Tote
Side view of the CHIC LT24 Small bag showing it with the wheelchair straps or the shoulder strap attached. The push button release buckeles rotate up to 30 degrees left or right. There is a small reflective tag on the bottom seam.  It has a wide profile, but can be collapsed when empty.
Inside Top view of the CHIC LT24 Small bag with a zip open pouch and a padded pouch inside for a small ipad or electronics. There is a mesh zipper pouch on the inside front which is not visible here. The front zipper pouch and the flat back pouch is also lined with a watermelon red lining, offering a nice contrast to the dark outer color.
Top view of the inside of the adaptive bag showing a bright sky blue lining and black mesh zipper pouch with a ring zipper. There is a padded pouch for electronic items such as phone, tablet or e-reader, braill reader, ipad.
The CHIC LT24 Small bag is being put into wheelchair mode, with the two wheelchair straps taken out and buckled into the side buckles. A hand is reaching out and picking up the bag by the handle which is located on the wheelchair bag strap panel on the back.
CHIC  LT -24  SMALL Adaptable Tote
CHIC  LT -24  SMALL Adaptable Tote
Back view of the CHIC LT24 Small bag in full wheelchair mode. The two side straps create loops that go over the handle bars or push bar of a wheelchair, and there is a small handle at the top for easy removal of the bag. The flat pouch on the back allows you to store the wheelchair straps inside without adding any bulk.
Close up detail of the lower front pocket of CHIC LT24 Small bag. The flap is velcro with a large D ring attached to the flap. It is flipped up to reveal the bright sky blue lining. The corner is very well made, and the hand-crafted sewing skill is shown by the straight seams and the reinforced  construction.
Pocket detail of the Dark Chocolate brown bag with the watermelon red lining inside and under the pocket flap.
CHIC  LT -24  SMALL Adaptable Tote
Detail of the glow in the dark dog character keychain that is included with every CHIC LT24 bag. It has a cute face and black ears and feet.  The back has a white area that can be used for personal info.
Two side buckles for a shoulder strap or wheelchair straps are push-button buckle type. Made with hard molded plastic, they are rotatable in the socket up to 30 degrees left or right, allowing for a more comfotable carry or fit onto the wheelchair bars.
CHIC  LT -24  SMALL Adaptable Tote
CHIC  LT -24  SMALL Adaptable Tote

CHIC LT -24 SMALL Adaptable Tote

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 Have we reached the pinnacle?

CHIC  LT-24 New Upgrade Version - Now Available!

  • Wheelchair and Walker-adaptable design

  • Switches out to a professional-looking shoulder bag

  • Low-Vision-Friendly lining colors

  • Optional* CANE POUCH Set (*Select Option before checkout)

    1. Navy Blue with Navy Cane Pouch
    2. Chocolate Brown with Black Cane Pouch

    What's New with this model?

    1. Extra 2 pockets on the front with easy to grab D-rings.

    2. Removable shoulder strap to carry as a crossbody.

    3. Premium grade ballistic nylon TWILL is a step above the rest.

    4. Ultra reinforced seams and straps.

    5. Glow-in-the-Dark tag and keychain included.

    6. Swiveling push-button buckles rotate up to 30 degrees.

    7. High-contrast lining.

    Who says wheelchair bags have to be ugly? Feeldom CHIC Medium stylish unisex Adaptable Tote is adaptable for wheelchairs, walkers or shoulders with the push of a button (actually, two buttons).  Ultra smooth zipper rings offer an addictive zipper experience for your pleasure and comfort. A luxury feel and look with all the functionality you want from an expensive hand-crafted bag like this one.

    With a removable shoulder strap, this versatile and slim tote bag easily clips onto your wheelchair, walker handles or back bar. Super sleek and durable Nylon Twill is water resistant and insulated pockets create a cocoon for your electronic gear and valuables. For shoulder carry, CHIC Small Tote has a large capacity, but can compacted when not full, making this perfect for daily travel and regular outings.

    Innovative Rotating side buckles allow you to release straps with a push button, and high-contrast colors offer an easier view of your items inside. Glow-in-the-dark tags add a touch of safety and easy-access front pockets hold smaller items securely. CHIC Small Tote is a joy to carry, and you will surely use it every day, so expect your other bags to be jealous.

    Adaptable Feature – The wheelchair straps can be tucked discreetly in the back pocket when not in use. All straps are adjustable. Please check the dimensions carefully to fit your specific chair.  Made for anyone and everyone, but mostly just for you.

    SIZE: H 8" x  W 11" x D 6"  Shoulder Strap Max Length: 40 in.

    Capacity: 8 liters / Weight: 1 lb.

    FEELDOM products are hand-crafted from premium materials only, with absolutely no corners cut on quality. We offer free shipping and returns as well as a 5-year Manufacturer's Warranty on all bags. Guaranteed to meet your standards of adventure, quality and stand up to heavy use over the years!