5 Black rubber rectangle patches with 5 high-contrast color braille and designs with numbers 1-4. Feeldom Performance block Glow-in-the-dark Logo Patch
Performance Block in the dark. Feeldom lables glow in the dark. High contrast patches are visible.
Close up of patch front and back. Tactile design of the number 2 and Braille #2 next to a yellow bird design. Back side is new type velcro hook material
a hand is taking out a cell phone from the upper side pocket of perfromance block medium. The pocket has a blue Moon design. The bag is navy blue and has black ring zippers.

Tactical Patch Braille Design Collection (Set of 5)

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Unique Designs Inspired by Science and Art, with color-number-design coded tactile Braille patches which can be placed anywhere on your bag, hat or clothing to identify storage compartments or ownership.

The Patch Design Concept was created to allow people with visual impairment to "feel" these wonderous images found in nature.

4 COLORS, randomly assigned.

1. The Full MOON

2. BIRDS by M.C. Escher

3. The NAUTILUS revealing the Fibonacci Sequence

4. 3-D CUBE which is also an optical illusion

5. The Feeldom x Performance Block patch is glow-in-the dark

  • Velcro Patch is super-strong, attaches to any "loop" material.
  • 1/8 in. thick black high-quality rubber with raised Braille and design.
  • Designed by Feeldom. Made in South Korea.