A Small travel pouch, gray ballistic nylon, with a black shoulder strap which is removable. The glow in the dark dog character keychain and the FEELDOM logo patch on the front. There is a handle along the top of the pouch.
Showing the TEKNO Pouch HD on the front of the Performance Block , Large or Medium.  It has a bright orange lining inside, and pockets for your phone and other items. There are white zipper rings and glow in the dark tags on it.
TEKNO Pouch HD 23

TEKNO Pouch HD 23

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The TEKNO Pouch HD-23 has the new upgrades!

1. Attachable Shoulder Strap for crossbody carry.

2. Two Double-snap attachment straps on the back, fits on any Performance Block backpack or side of wheelchair, walker or mobility device. May be used for front of wheelchair seat carrying case.

3. High contrast orange lining, white zipper rings, and Glow in the dark Goldie Keychain.