A Small travel pouch, gray ballistic nylon, with a black shoulder strap which is removable. The glow in the dark dog character keychain and the FEELDOM logo patch on the front. There is a handle along the top of the pouch.
Showing the TEKNO Pouch HD on the front of the Performance Block , Large or Medium.  It has a bright orange lining inside, and pockets for your phone and other items. There are white zipper rings and glow in the dark tags on it.
TEKNO Pouch HD-23
TEKNO Pouch HD-23
TEKNO Pouch HD-23
TEKNO Pouch HD-23

TEKNO Pouch HD-23

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The TEKNO Pouch HD-23 is the Hi-Def. Upgrage of the Original TEKNO Pouch.


1. Attachable Shoulder Strap with metal clips for crossbody carry.

2. Two Double-snap attachment straps on the back, attaches to Performance Block or CITY BLOCK backpack, some wheelchairs, walkers or mobility devices. (No Velcro)

3. High-Def. bright orange lining, white zipper rings.

4. Includes Goldie Character Keychain that glows in the dark.

6 compartments perfect for phone, wallet, electronic tablets, books, travel items, medical aids, snacks.


  • Water-resistant ballistic nylon is hand-crafted with heavy-duty construction.
  • Multiple storage options: Large outer pocket and several pockets inside.
  • User-friendly Feeldom ring zippers for mobility-limited people to access easily.


     1. Attaches to PERFORMANCE BLOCK and CITY BLOCK Backpacks with molle webbing straps.

     2. Wheelchair /Scooter / Walker / Rollator storage pouch convenient use with 2 velcro straps on the back.

     3. Perfect for stand-alone travel kit with padded handle, lightweight and versatile.

    Size:   12 in x 8 in x 3 in  with velcro straps. One long, wide velcro strip on the back.

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