CHIC Adaptable Square Tote Bag - Medium
Feeldom Chic in gray, attached to the back of a manual wheelchair. Smaller back view image shows the two side straps loop around the handles of the wheelchair or walker or stroller with heavy duty clips. They are adjustable to fit anywhere.
Feeldom Chic gray tote bag has a removable shoulder strap with a plastic shoulder pad. The Tote bag is square and has a box-open zipper lid and front pockets. The side pockets are black elastic mesh.
Feeldom Chic in all black double view. Left:  The tote bag has the shoulder strap attached for easy shoulder carry. Right:  Side view of the Chic Medium Tote bag shows mesh pockets and reflective tabs for safely. It is boxy but sleek and slim.
A guy in a plaid shirt is carrying the Feeldom Chic Medium Adaptable tote on his shoulder. Modern and unisex design fits any person and situation with class, functionality and style.
Feeldom Chic Medium Tote bag top view. Lid is a rectangle box-open type zipper top.  When the tote bag is open, the inner compartment is full of items such as an ipad, book, passport, wallet , pencil case and headphones. Rigid padded structure of Chic makes it stand up even when empty!
Feeldom Chic Medium Tote back view. The wheelchair straps are tucked away into the back storage pouch, keeping a flat contour. The black shoulder strap is attached to the heavy-duty black plastic clips on either side.
Feeldom Chic Medium tote bag is a square shape 12 by 12 inches and 4 inches deep. The black zipper trim and strap make this a modern and unisex design that anyone can enjoy.
Specifications of the Chic Medium Tote bag. 13 by 13 inches, with 5 inches depth. The front zipper pocket is 8 inches high with a smaller pocket on that one. Black shoulder strap measures 21-38 inches. The black wheelchair straps loop around and attach to the wheelchair or walker with clips for easy on / off. Holds 11 liters, weighs 1.3 pounds.
Close up detail of the luxurious finish of smooth and shiny nylon. Black smooth zippers and premium embossed black rubber zippers pulls.
Feeldom Chic Medium Tote collage. Close up of the premium quality fabric, shiny nylon and water -resistant. Premium Feeldom rubber zipper pulls. The Chic Medium attached to a manual wheelchair. A girl carrying the Chic Medium totebag on her shoulder while walking around paris.

CHIC Adaptable Square Tote Bag - Medium

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Who says wheelchair bags have to be ugly? Feeldom CHIC Medium stylish unisex Square Tote is adaptable for wheelchairs or shoulder carry with the click of a buckle.  Ultra smooth fabric and rubber sliders offer an addictive zipper experience for your pleasure and comfort. A luxury feel and look remeniscent of that famous bag that starts with "P" and rhymes with "nada."

With a removable shoulder strap, this versatile and slim tote bag easily clips onto your wheelchair. Super sleek luxurious nylon is water resistant and richly padded pockets create a luxurious cocoon for your electronic gear and valuables. For shoulder carry, CHIC Square Tote hugs your body, making this perfect for daily travel, office gear and late nights out with the gang.

Innovative flip-top opening allows ease of access and full view of all items inside. Reflective tabs add a touch of safety and mesh side pockets hold onto your items securely. For its slim design, CHIC tote holds an immense amount of gear while maintaining its streamlined shape.  A joy to carry and use, this tote will be the one you use every day, so expect your other bags to be jealous.

Adaptable Feature – Includes attachable shoulder strap for everyday use and 2 fixed side buckles that attach to a wheelchair.  These straps hide discreetly in the back pocket when not in use. All straps are adjustable. Please check the dimensions carefully to fit your specific chair.  Made for anyone and everyone, but mostly just for you.

SIZE: H 12" x  W 12" x D 4-6"

Capacity: 12 liters / Weight: 1.3 lb.

FEELDOM products are hand-crafted from premium materials only, with absolutely no corners cut on quality. We offer free shipping and returns as well as a 5-year Manufacturer's Warranty on all bags. Guaranteed to meet your standards of adventure, quality and stand up to heavy use over the years!