This Ballistic Nylon Vertical Pouch is tall and thin, perfect for a medium-sized umbrella or white cane for the visually impaired. It can attach with a nickel hook at the top, or along the whole back there is velcro to attach to the Performance Block front panel. It has a top closure of a black velcro strap.
A white cane is folded up and neatly stored into the cane pouch (open, showing the cane and handle)
a person is wearing the Performance Block or Trek backpack. The cane pouch is clipped to the upper D-ring on the chest strap, making it really easy to access the cane or store it safely.

Cane / Umbrella Case

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Ballistic Nylon with velcro backing. Clip on at the top with velcro strap closure.

Available in Dark Navy and Charcoal Gray