About us

Feeldom Inc., Ltd. was founded in 2019 as part of the social enterprise movement in South Korea. Our mission is to design and provide a quality yet stylish lifestyle for our neighbors in the disabled community. With our headquarters in South Korea and a US branch in Seattle WA, our goal is to be a global brand reaching every single individual in need of high-quality adaptive gear. 

All of our products are carefully designed and produced with countless feedback from our colleagues with disabilities to ensure the best experience for you and your loved ones' day-to-day activities. 


   "Korean designer Julia Kim was hired by Ralph Lauren to make uniforms for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics where she experienced first hand how difficult it was for disabled athletes to find the right clothes to wear as well as their need for higher quality wheelchair bags. While teaching a disabled sewing workshop, she was approached by many students and disabled colleagues who begged her to make them a real wheelchair bag, one that both looks good and is big enough to carry the equipment and supplies that they need (especially quadriplegics and caregivers, who have to carry a ton of stuff). Just hanging shopping bags and backpacks on their chairs, they told her, made them both look like and feel as if they were homeless. They felt undignified and uncomfortable simply going out in public.

   After months of meetings and discussions concerning which features were missing from existing products and what needs were not being met by other bags, Julia compiled a list of design features, such as the 8-way adjustable strap system and ring zippers, which had not been implemented until Feeldom made its Classic Large Bag. Since then, Julia has won multiple design awards in Seoul, and Feeldom has established numerous outreach and charity programs through the Seoul city government, providing free or reduced cost bags to underprivileged communities."