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  • Black shiny chic wheelchair bag
  • Shiny Gray chic wheelchair bag is on the manual wheelchair
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Feeldom Life

CHIC Wheelchair / Stroller Bag - Small

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$89.00 USD

Feeldom's CHIC stylish stroller bag is adaptable for wheelchairs and strollers. High-quality luxurious nylon is water resistant and padded pockets protect your electronic gear or valuable items.


Modern Design – Who says wheelchair bags have to be ugly? FEELDOM CHIC's attractively styled design is hand-crafted with luxury bag-quality sleek nylon and fully lined and padded compartments.  A small and affordable luxury for yourself or a loved one, and the perfect gift for a person who uses a mobility aid.

Versatile – A glamourous yet useful accessory for your manual wheelchair or scooter side-arm. Useful as a medical supply tote, or personal travel organizer for small electronic gear and valuables. Also looks great as a classy stroller bag for baby items. Reflective side tabs added for safety and visibility.

Plentiful Storage – Inner mesh zip-pocket and inner / outer padded zipper pockets hold a variety of items such as electronics, tablets, books, bottles, diapers, snacks & cell phone. Premium rubber zippers make the opening and closing feel smooth like butter. CHIC is a joy to use for any occasion.

Adaptable - Includes 2 detachable / adjustable side buckles that easily attach to a wheelchair, walker or stroller, or scooter arm, depending on your preference. Straps may be hung over the handles for easy on/off, or looped around the bars and clipped on as a more stable and safe attachment to prevent loss or theft.

Universal Design – CHIC's unisex and timeless style outlives trendy fashion. Always chic, always classy for both men and women, versatile and great for daily use, FEELDOM brings you the modern and chic mobility alternative to for you or your loved ones lifestyle needs and desires.