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Welcome to Feeldom

We design and hand-craft every backpack with the highest quality standards.

Because everyone deserves to look good and feel good!

Which Feeldom bag is right for you?


An aqua blue wheelchair bag with an orange lining and black zipper rings. There are many outer pockets padded with reinforced stiching.



A small purple bag attached to the back of a manual wheelchair. It has white zipper rings for easy access.
A white backpack with black zippers and trim, including tactile braille patches and ring zipper pulls.


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An aqua Blue Feeldom Jayu Crossbody with a bright yellow cane pouch (electric Kiwi)
A person wearing the Jayu crossbody along the front of the torso. There is a cane pouch attached to the shoulder strap, and the bottom of the cane pouch is stabilized to the D ring using the clip at the bottom of the pouch.
Aqua blue Jayu crossbody bag with an arctic white cane pouch
A Dark Forest green Jayu crossbody with a matching green cane pouch.
A black Jayu crossbody with white zipper rings. There is a bright yellow cane pouch (electric Kiwi)
Dark purple Jayu Crossbody bag with the bright yellow (electric kiwi) cane pouch
The White Marshmallow JAYU and the Arctic White Cane pouch (matching colors)
An aqua blue Jayu crossbody with a navy blue cane pouch
A dark purple (Twilight colorway) Jayu Crossbody bag and a navy blue Cane Pouch
A Black Jayu Crossbody with white Zipper rings and a navy blue cane pouch
Detail of the cane pouch showing metal Carabiner, black strap with snaps on it, and a swivel clip on the bottom for stabilization. The pouch has a zipper that runs from top to bottom and has belt loops on the back
A metal S- shaped carabiner with double ends and FEELDOM Logo

JAYU Crossbody with Cane Pouch SET

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